“… she really enjoys school now!!!!”-Tracy, from Seattle*

“… here is the most amazing thing; Jesse got Student of the Month in May!! His teachers are totally amazed and thrilled with his improvement.”-Carrie, form Covington*

“It still brings tears to my eyes to see him in less than two days accomplish what he couldn’t in one year of school.”-Dr. Fiancée, Bremerton*

“The dyslexia program allowed Josh the skills to ‘focus in’ minimizing the distractions caused by an over-active mind (or perhaps a ‘greater-active mind’).”-Roger, from Auburn*

“… amazing what a difference it made in her attitude and self image.”-Kris, from Quinault*

“… it’s probably the best spent money ever. I would do it again in a heart beat only I would do it sooner.”-Ruth, from Gig Harbor*


I have a story to tell you! Leora and I often walk home from school. It is a mile walk up a huge hill. One day before taking your course, Leora was having a very bad day at school. She told me that she almost grabbed her coat and walked home in the middle of the day. She was going to play in the yard until we got home from work. That reminded me how she truly was struggling and feeling very upset and frustrated at school.
Leroa, from Seattle*

It’s been awhile since you heard from me. My son Jesse took your class this last February. Well it took awhile to see the results but I have to say they were great. He finally received the citizenship award in March, then again in April and May which made him really happy because he’s been trying to get that for years. He has been able to finish his tests in one day and in most cases in the allotted time when it used to take two or more days. He scored the top grade in class on two social studies tests; each test was a closed book test.
Jesse, from Covington*

I am so very pleased with this program. I am an Internal Medicine doctor. I attended MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for my undergraduate training and have my MD. I am Board Certified in my specialty. Hence, I am very science oriented and rely heavily on data and evidence based research results. The Davis technique may not be an accredited program, but it has valid concepts and definitely has proven results.
Jarad, from Bremerton*

It has been 7 years since our daughter Ashley, attended your class. Just wanted to give an update. Ashely is now a sophomore. She elected to take the WASL tests last year as a freshman (10th grade level) and passed all 4 on the first attempt. She then decided to transfer to Hoquiam High School, an hour commute each way in order to attend Honors and AP classes.
Ashley, from Quinault*

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