ABC Dyslexia Center works 1-on-1 with the client.

  • Working on reading: getting the words off the page also understanding what was read (decoding words and comprehending), getting a student up at least two grade levels in reading.
  • Also work on handwriting, not only printing but cursive.
  • Twelve punctuations are covered with, what, how, and when to use them.
  • Writing thoughts down on the page and having the words make sense.
  • Understanding basic math, covering sequence and order when working with math; when to borrow with subtraction and carry over with addition, the sequence of steps working with division also understanding fractions (common denominators, uncommon denominator, and improper fractions).
  • Also working with clocks, calendars, money, focus, consequence, and life changes.

Dyslexia is how one processes letter and word symbols, and is correctable, dyslexia is not a disability it is a learning difference. Let ABC Dyslexia give you the tools to work every day doing everyday tasks when reading, writing, spelling, and working with math, and staying focused.